Meet the Board


Keith Klingler is a private timberland manager and resides in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania. He has served as PLA’s President since 1998 and sits on several state committees including the PA Sewage Advisory Committee.


Why are you involved with PLA and what is your interest in the organization?

“I am involved in order to be a force and a voice for the protection of property rights. Before PLA came along there was no organization advocating and working to protect private property owners in Pennsylvania.”

What issues do youthink PLA stands for?

“The obvious answer is private property rights. PLA works to influence regulations that affect those rights without just compensation as the Constitution calls for. Government programs such as Scenic Rivers, Rails to Trails, on-lot sewage regulations, government land acquisition, Endangered Species Act, local zoning regulations, and any number of other government programs  all directly affect private owners. PLA remains a voice speaking out when those  government programs harm private owners.”

Why do you believe PLA is animportant organization for property owners in Pennsylvania?

“I have witnessed  the positive impact on legislation that we, in PLA, have had and done. Forest Legacy is a good example; it would have been a done deal two years ago if we had not taken part in the discussion over the program.”

Is PLA doing enoughto protect property rights? How can PLA do better in protecting property rights?

“I would like to see more coalition work done with other groups that deal with private property rights issues. The reason for this is simple, together wecan create more political clout.”

What issues do you feel are the most importantfacing private property owners today?

“Additional loss of private property  due to continued government land acquisition hurts us. The cumulative effect is that private property taxes may escalate and ultimately harm our economic vitality.”

Where do you see PLA going over the next decade? What issueswill impact landowners over the next decade?

“PLA must expand south and east. We must consider going into Ohio as well. There will be continued pressure to sell private property development rights.”

Why do you think privateproperty owners should be members of PLA?

“Property owners need to insure the protection of their rights and their ability to use their land. We must do this for economic gain as long as we do not infringe on our neighbors. Involvement with PLA will give landowners a valuable tool to retain their rights.”

What last words might you give the members of PLA?

“Pass the website information around and spread the word!”

Commentary from Keith Klingler






Bob Brace

Robert Brace is a farmer and oil and gas producer who resides in Waterford, Pennsylvania. He became involved in the property rights movement in 1987 when the U.S. Government declared a large portion of his homestead farm a wetland, thus precluding its use. He was active in forming the PA Landowners Association in 1987, a land use advocacy organization, and has served as its Vice President since its inception.Robert has received several awards for his advocacy of property rights, including the prestigious Guardian Award in 1998, presented by the Honorable Helen Chenowith and the Lincoln Heritage Institute. In addition, he received a Certificate of Commendation in recognition of “courage and sacrifice to preserve freedom” from U.S. Senator Rick Santorum on March 11, 1999. He has also been named Businessman of the Year on several occations by the National Republican Committee.Robert currently spends much of his time operating Oak Alley Farms, a private fly fishing retreat and agricultural facility in Garland, Pennsylvania, while continuing to educate legislators and the public at large about the unconstitutional taking of private property through environmental regulations.


Why are you involved with PLA and what is your interest in the organization?

“Because of our Constitutional right to own and use private property. If Government regulations go so far as having no use, owners should be compensated at the highest and best use value.”

What issues do you think PLA stands for?

“Any issue that involves any use in private property.”

Why do you believe PLA is an important organization for property owners in Pennsylvania?

“Because I believe PLA is the only Organization in Pennsylvania that won’t compromise on the use of our property without compensation and with today’s technology you can do almost anything without hurting the land or environment.”

Is PLA doing enough to protect property rights? How can PLA do better in protecting property rights?

“No. The members need to become more involved in the “Posting for Support Program” to help educate the land users and prompt them to let our law makers know that letting Government have so much control is destroying Pennsylvania, as well as America.”

What issues do you feel are the most important facing private property owners today?

“The fact that most landowners’ don’t realize we can’t use or do hardly anything with our land and be legal because of wetlands, endangered species, flood plain set backs, Scenic River and zoning restriction.”

Where do you see PLA going over the next decade? What issues will impact landowners over the next decade?

“Hopefully, raising the membershipcount to 5,000. The issues I listed above, as well as Section 404 of the Federal Clean Water Act.”

Why do you think private property owners should be members of PLA?

“Landowners’ are small in numbers and PLA is not afraid to speak up and tell the truth. Without Property Rights we are going to fail as a Nation.”

What last words might you give the members of PLA?

“Don’t be afraid to speak up and “Take a Stand for YOUR Land!”

Commentary from Robert Brace